Wild South

This month, we’d like to introduce you to Wild South, an organization that inspires people to enjoy, value, and protect the wild character and natural legacy of the South.

Benjamin Colvin, Development Director, spoke to us about how Wild South aids public lands in the South by working with communities to engage people in action and assisting groups by providing a voice:

“In MS, AL, TN, and NC we have Volunteer Wilderness Rangers that steward, monitor and educate the public in our Southern Wilderness Areas. We have boots on the ground across the region to provide strong advocacy voice for public lands. Additionally, our TN Wild Campaign seeks 20,000 acres of additional wilderness in East Tennessee.

We work extensively with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to identify and ground true ancient Cherokee trading routes and settlements, particularly on public lands, and strongly advocate for the permanent protection these vital cultural landmarks deserve.

We also protect wildlife and wildlife habitat via scientific surveys and research, on-the-ground advocacy, and engagement with management policy.”

Wild South Group

Wild South has seen much success through their programs and campaigns. Each year, the organization educates over 3,000 children, both in the woods and in the classroom. Their volunteers put inover 4,000 hours of volunteer service annually. To date, their efforts have helped preserve half a million acres of land, as well as numerous species.

Wild South River Group